Anders Grauers is a system specialist on electric and hybrid powertrains and leading the Vehicle Analysis area within the Swedish Electromobility Centre.
Anders’s main focus is system oriented research on electric and hybrid powertrains. The research includes driving forces for development, system requirements, different powertrain solutions and combined optimization of charging infrastructure and vehicles. He is presently involved in several projects on how to build and use charging infrastructure for electric buses such that the overall cost to operate the buses is reduced.
Earlier Anders has worked with system development and as technical specialist at Volvo cars, within the active safety area.

It is well known that the cost of battery electric cars is still higher than conventional combustion engine cars and that this is a main factor slowing down their introduction.  Despite a massive development the car industry struggle to get the cost down to a competitive level. This is often mistakenly assumed to be a general conclusion for all battery electric vehicles, while it is really due to private cars having a usage pattern which is not well suited for cost effective battery electric propulsion.

This presentation will show that battery electric vehicles, already with today’s cost levels, have the potential to be much cheaper than conventional vehicles in the right niches.  It will be explained what are the optimal conditions for battery electric vehicles and why cost effective battery electric vehicles should have a well-developed charging system. One of the ideal niches for battery electric vehicles are city buses, and they will be used to exemplify how cost effective battery electric vehicles must be developed with a system perspective.