”I have immediate access to Swedens’ sharpest minds – research expertise at a high international level.”

Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt,
Chief Engineer Electromobility,
Scania CV AB

Hans-Goran Milding
”We see Swedish Electromobility Centre as a valuable platform within a strategically important area.”

Hans Göran Milding,
Director Strategic Partnership & Alliances,
Volvo Car Corporation

Hans-Goran Milding
”The Centre is important to secure the expertise in electrified transportation, which is crucial for the competitiveness of Swedish vehicle industry.”

Tony Sandberg,
Research Director,
Scania CV AB

”Swedish Electromobility Centre has both range and depth, which leads to increased knowledge and valuable contacts.”

Robert Eriksson
Senior Technical Leader,
Volvo Car Corporation

”The research groups create deep and applicable knowledge, that is interesting for the continued competitiveness of Swedish automotive industry.”

Jonas Hofstedt,
Senior Vice President of Powertrain Development,
Scania CV AB

”An excellent platform for Vattenfall to analyze and develop in cooperation the mutual relationships between power grids and electric vehicles.”

Johan Tollin,
Head of E-mobility R&D Program,
Vattenfall AB

”Swedish Electromobility Centre is the most relevant network for the transition to a fossil free transport sector.”

Hans-Olof Dahlberg,
Programme Manager,
Swedish Energy Agency

”Electrified transportation is an important part of an accessible, fossil free and sustainable society.”

Anders Berndtsson,
Chief Strategist,
Swedish Transport Administration

”Through Swedish Electromobility Centre I find ways to collaborate with new research groups.”

Kristina Edström,
Professor Inorganic Chemistry,
Uppsala University

”A fantastic arena for collaboration, with a network of people from industry and academy.”

Peter Värbrand,
Deputy Vice-Chancellor,
Linköping University

”A great possibility for students to discuss directly with industry and authorities.”

Eva Pålsgård,
Associate Professor Engineering Physics,
Uppsala University

”Swedish Electromobility Centre brings academia, industry and authorities together at the research front of e-mobility.”

Mats Alaküla,
Professor Industrial Electrical Engineering,
Lund University

”Swedish Electromobility Centre makes it easier for me to spread research results.”

Anders Grauers,
Electric vehicle specialist,
Chalmers University of Technology

Maria Grahn,
Researcher Energy Systems Analysis,
Chalmers University of Technology

”My research shows that electric vehicles are a cost efficient way to reach ambitious goals for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.”

Catalyzing new vehicle technologies

Swedish Electromobility Centre is a national Centre of Excellence for e-mobility. We unite Sweden’s expertise and are a node for interaction between academia, industry and society.

Our driving force is the development of sustainable and energy efficient transportation. We perform industry relevant research and study different e-mobility technologies to assess their potential. We give courses, arrange workshops and conferences, manage a doctoral student network and host an extensive analysis of energy efficient vehicles. Through our wide network of researchers and engineers at Sweden’s leading vehicle manufacturers and technical universities, we provide valuable connections and strategic knowledge.

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