The Doctoral Student Network for Swedish electric and hybrid vehicle research

The Doctoral student network for Swedish electric and hybrid vehicle research was launched in spring 2012 by Swedish Electromobility Centre (formerly Swedish Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Centre, SHC). The network is open for all PhD students performing research in Sweden concerning various aspects of hybridisation and electrification of road vehicle propulsion. The idea is to create an arena to collaborate for the PhD students at all our universities and stimulate their interaction with Swedish automotive industry. The aim of the PhD student network is to:

  • Support knowledge building on road vehicle hybridisation and electrification
  • Connect PhD students from different fields and encourage research collaboration
  • Connect  new research areas to Swedish Electromobility Centre
  • Organise PhD courses, seminars and workshops
  • Equip participating PhD students for future challenges

All PhD students within Sweden working with different approaches, methods and focus in the stated research area are welcome to participate.

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Please note that SHC may have to reject applications with too little or no connection to the activities of the network.

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