Realism and visions at Nordbatt 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Future concepts for Li-ion batteries, particularly the need for improved batteries for electric vehicles, was the theme for the first Nordic battery conference.

The conference attracted researchers from the Nordic countries along with internationally well-distinguished battery scientists. Part of the program was devoted to vehicle perspectives, and opened by Dr. Bor Yann Liaw of University of Hawaii, invited by SHC.

-Dr. Bor Yann Liaw works with a method for battery diagnosis, which simulates battery behavior under different ageing and operating conditions, says Elna Holmberg, manager at SHC. His work is in many ways related to the battery research at SHC. His presentation included two case studies of cell aging behavior, the first illustrating the impact of cell design on aging behavior, and the second showing the impact of overcharging the battery.

The vehicle oriented part of the program then ranged from realistic to visionary, starting with Scania, Volvo Cars and AB Volvo presenting their current battery research and ending with Göran Lindbergh, KTH, talking about carbon fibers in structural batteries and how to make use of multifunctional properties. Battery research for heavy duty vehicles and the importance of safety standards were among the other topics that were discussed during the day.

-An interesting and well composed conference with high relevance, concludes Elna Holmberg.

Text: Emilia Lundgren