Jens Groot, Ph.D., Energy Storage System Specialist, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Dr. Jens Groot received his Ph.D. from Chalmers University of Technology with the main focus of his research on Li-ion battery lifetime prediction and modeling. He joined the Volvo Group as a research engineer in 2003 working primarily with testing and modelling of energy storage components for heavy-duty xEVs. Since 2012 Dr. Groot has been a ESS specialist within Volvo Group Trucks Technology where he is focusing on ageing analysis, cycle life modeling & evaluation of novel energy storage technologies.

The development of Li-ion batteries – and the eMobility vehicles that utilise them – is rapid. Over the past ten years, significant research effort has been made, both in Sweden and internationally, to understand, model and mitigate ageing of Li-ion batteries when used in vehicles. This presentation aims to provide an overview of the current research within the area focusing on Swedish actors,  highlighting recent results, summarising on-going projects and their expected outcome.