Master thesis work proposal, Volvo GTT: Evaluation of resistance and capacity estimation functions

tisdag, juni 7, 2016

In hybrid and electric vehicles the battery is an essential sub system. Proper and accurate monitoring of the battery is needed for operation of such vehicles. For example is the charge level and power capability important measures. In addition to these basic functions, estimation of resistance, capacity and state of health is desirable.

One objective with this thesis work is to evaluate existing proposals of estimation functions related to resistance and capacity. Estimation accuracy and convergence time are potential example results. The idea is to develop a Simulink model that uses lab test data of cell currents and voltages. The length of these time dependent data is probably in the order of days/weeks. Another objective is to propose and develop candidate functions for resistance and capacity estimation.

Suitable education
Master of science level. Computer science, mechatronics, electrical engineering or similar. Experience in electrified vehicles and/or battery technology is a merit but not a demand.

Last application date
15 August 2016

Jonas Hellgren,

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