Presentationer och film från Roads to the future 2014

fredag, mars 28, 2014

Presentationerna från SHCs konferens Roads to the future, samt videoupptagning från förmiddagens föredrag och paneldiskussion finns nu tillgängliga:


Transition to electric mobility in Germany and Europe
Dr. Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT, Germany

Electromobility in Norway – experiences and opportunities with electric vehicles
Erik Figenbaum, Researcher, Norwegian Centre for Transport Research

Collaboration for strategic vehicle research and innovation
Eva Schelin, Programme Director FFI, VINNOVA

Johan Konnberg, Head of Roadmap:Sweden

The role of hybrid and electric vehicles from several perspectives
Dr. Anders Grauers, SHC

The need for systems & control in hybrid vehicles
Prof. Bo Egardt, Signals and systems, Chalmers University of Technology

Supplying Energy to an All Electric Road Vehicle Fleet
Prof. Mats Alaküla, Industrial electrical engineering and automation, Lund University

The challenge of on-board energy storage
Prof. Göran Lindbergh, Applied electrochemistry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Increased cooperation for the future of electrification
Hans Göran Milding, Strategy manager – Alternative propulsion and Robert Eriksson, Senior Technical Leader – Electric Propulsion Architecture, Volvo Car Corporation

Roads from history to future
Dr. Björn Hasselgren, Urban planning and environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology


1) Dr. Gereon Meyer 224 KB

2) Erik Figenbaum 170 KB

3) Eva Schelin, Johan Konnberg 217 KB

4) Paneldiskussion 214 KB