Traction System parameter identification and condition monitoring via modulation spectra response

PWM modulated electrical drives are designed and used at fundamental frequency to transfer and convert energy. High efficiency is expected from the intended energy conversion process. The remaining and undesired high frequency energy is considered as losses and are unwanted and even disregarded.

With modern control hard- and software it is possible to retrieve significant information from the previously unwanted harmonic spectra. This information in turn, has a potential to be used for parameter estimation and condition monitoring of connected machines and transmissions, as well as sources like batteries and DC network. Such information may prove valuable to optimize control in real time and to provide preventive maintenance and avoid malfunction.

Therefore the goal for this proposed pre-study is exploring and unifying the expertise and experience of high frequency effects on components and electric drive system as a whole. Consequently the outcomes from this work become the base for establishing and formulating upcoming projects.
The starting point of this pre-study is the works done on parameter identification, life time estimation and condition monitoring of electrical machine windings in ongoing projects like Dymedec and EMcost. This accumulated knowledge on high frequency effects is extended towards the other components in the electric drive system with the ambition on improved knowledge on the drive system architecture, component design and maintaining diagnostics.

The primary interest of this pre-study is the preparation work needed for the potential upcoming projects on the field of electrical engineering but also networking between different research groups, institutions and universities.