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A holistic approach to the integration of combustion engines and electric machinery in heavy hybrid electric vehicles

To realize major improvements in the overall energy efficiency of heavy hybrid electric vehicles a holistic approach is needed. This project aims to identify and define research questions and project proposals in the cross disciplinary field between, on one hand, combustion engine and heavy vehicle technology and, on the other hand, electric power and control technology.

The integration of electric machinery and combustion engines has since the beginning of the automotive era been a key element for the usability of the combustion engine. With the electric starter motor integrated as a component of the drive, the no load idle condition of the combustion engine can be reached from the stand still condition without external auxiliary power.

The usability for vehicles today is indirectly limited by their environmental impact. The reduction of emissions of CO2, toxic agents and noise are addressed by legislation demands on new vehicles sold.  This is driving the development of the vehicles from a combustion engine perspective, from the drive train perspective and also from the auxiliary systems perspective.

In addition to optimization and development of combustion engine technology, electro hybrid technologies are applied in order to extend the optimal power area of the entire drive train including the brake systems.

With the electric hybrid system on board a high power electric system is available, giving the opportunity to efficient internal power transfer and control of auxiliary systems and servo systems with high power demands. Also combustion process aspects presently solved mechanically are possible to address electromechanically.  The application of electrical or electromechanical heat recovery systems are also made feasible in a hybrid vehicle where recovered converted energy can be used to save combustion engine fuel and hence the environment.

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