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Drivelinekonfigurationer för bränsleceller

This project is a study of different road vehicle driveline configuration with Fuel cells to find which type of fuel cell drive lines seems most promising for road vehicles, mainly regarding total cost of ownership.

The results show that Fuel cell drive lines have a very different cost structure than battery electric drive lines, which makes both of them cost effective but in very different market segments. Both fuel cells and battery electric drive lines requires long total driving distance during the vehicle life to become cost effective. Battery electric drive lines are the ones which has the potential for really low operating cost, but only a few special type of vehicles can fully exploit this since a low cost for the battery is only possible if the battery is charged many times per day. Fuel cells, on the other hand, have their strength typically when it is not possible to charge often and therefore the vehicle is required to store a lot of energy on board.

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