Electrochemical study of durability aspects in large vehicle batteries

The project aims to examine how uneven pressure, temperature and power distribution, which may occur in large battery cells and between cells in modules, affects the aging of the cell locally as a function of cycling rate and depth. The goal is not only to observe the aging mechanisms but also to develop methodologies to be able to electrochemically quantify performance losses, using small cells at controlled operation conditions. Available NMC/C or NMC/Si-C cells will be studied, but the problem is general and the effects of pressure and temperature gradients will likely be even more important in future high energy density vehicle batteries. The project is carried out by graduate student Abdilibari Shifa Mussa, KTH,  and  linked to SHC’s project Fast charging of large energy optimized Li-ion cells for electric powertrains. The electrochemical results will be used in aging models for optimizing usage and design for increased durability.