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Evaluation of energy efficient cornering strategies using the KTH Research Concept Vehicle

The purpose of this project is to study and develop energy-efficient cornering strategies for electrified vehicles with different degrees of active control of the propulsion and steering, as well as evaluate these strategies by using the KTH Research Concept Vehicle (KTH RCV). The now completed SHC project ”Generic vehicle motion modelling and control for enhanced driving dynamics and energy management” resulted among other things in a number of energy-efficient cornering strategies and also suggestions for simplified control strategies that are realistic to implement in vehicles. These are based on simulation results and have not been evaluated experimentally. The activities proposed implies to further develop and implement some of the control strategies in the RCV and to carry out measurements to evaluate these strategies in terms of energy consumption, safety and comfort. The results will be documented in a scientific publication. I.e. the goal is to implement and experimentally evaluate the simplified energy-efficient control strategies in a real vehicle (KTH RCV) in order to provide guidance for the development of cornering strategies resulting in low power consumption without sacrificing safety and comfort.

Ladda ner rapporten: Energy efficent cornering strategies_Final short report (165 KB)