Interdisciplinary post-doc cluster for future hybrid vehicles

In this multidepartment project we are developing a concept for a hybrid vehicle using a spark ignited (SI) engine and NOx reducing emission after treatment system (EATS), i.e. a three way catalyst (TWC). This concept focuses on the control of the combustion engine and the effect of temperature variations in the exhaust after treatment system on emissions for a hybrid vehicle.

The project has three parts representing the involved departments:

  • The post-doc at the Department of Signals and Systems is working on a system level control where the overall control of the SI engine, the electrical engine and the three way catalyst is determined.
  • The post-doc at the Department of Applied Mechanics is working on a combustion engine part with focus on the modelling of the engine and transmission to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  • The post-doc at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and will study lean NOx reduction at low temperature in the catalyst part.

The focus around this common concept promotes new interactions between these three departments and further enhance connections that today exist through the KCK and CERC competence centres.