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Model for simulation of driving behavior during failures in electrified vehicles

The purpose of the project is to develop a model that can represent the driving behaviour during failures in electric vehicles based on real life data from experiments. The proposed driver model will be an extension of the SHC project “Fault-Tolerant Over-Actuated Hybrid Electric Vehicles” in order to gain knowledge of driver-vehicle interaction during a failure.

The plan is to design a failure sensitive driver model using parameters derived from experiments in a moving-base driving simulator performed within the ERA-NET Electromobility+ project EVERSAFE. In the simulator study, the subjects were exposed to three sudden failures in one of the rear wheels that required the driver to compensate to maintain vehicle control and regain the planned trajectory. A co-simulation environment with Matlab/Simulink and Dymola is suggested for the driver model as well as for the failure implementation and activation.

The goal of this study is to create a driver model that can be used in a simulation environment to analyse the influence of various failures in electric vehicles on driver-vehicle interaction. The developed model will further be used to analyse different manoeuvres and driving conditions.

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